Animal Project

Animal Project is a culmination of their collective lessons about the animal kingdom. 

Let's Sing & Dance Along!

The Animal Song

The Monkey Dance

Film Viewing

AFRICAN SAFARI WILDLIFE - Safari Visit for African Animals Documentary

Bedtime Story / Storytelling

Listen to your child read or you can read a story to your child about animals that show good moral values. You can browse from the internet or use a book you have at home! Here are some apps and sites you can use or visit.

(Purchasing the App is needed)


(Subscription is needed)

(Subscription is needed)

(FREE but needs Registration)

Animal Origami

Use the materials and instructions provided by the school and included in the learning pack.


Cat Face


YEAR 2 & 3

Elephant Face

Show and Tell


Your child will need to bring a picture of their pet or favourite

animal (A4 size) to share something about it in front of their

friends. This will help the children build their confidence 

in speaking in front of the class.

YEAR 2 & 3

This will be the project of the children during the school

holiday. Guide your child to make a simple poster showing

the 5 classifications of animal. When school reopens, your child could share something about the poster.