earth Day activities

Let's Sing and Dance Earth Day Songs

Important Facts of Earth Day

Cleaning Activity

Let's create a clean environment at home. You can dust the shelves, wipe/polish the mirrors, sweep the floor or clean the garden. 

Wiping the Furnitures
Polish the Mirrors
Mopping the Floor
Wash the Dishes
Clean the Yard

Planting a Tree or Plant

Planting a tree or plant is a simple act that helps the environment and gets the children to enjoy outdoors. Plants provide oxygen and clean the air that we breathe. Choose one of these vegetables and plant it at home (spring onion, ginger or beans) or you can also choose a specific plant from the video.

Don't forget to ask someone for a snap shot while you plant!

Craft Making / Earth Day Craft

Year 1


Jelly Fish Cup Craft 

*Use the materials provided by the school.


1. Glue the long colourful papers around the inside part of the cup.

2. Design your cup by pasting the different cut-outs provided.

3. Let it dry. 

Year 2


Pencil Holder

*Use the materials provided by the school.


1.  Glue the cardboard at the opening of the cup. 

2. Design your cup by pasting the different cut-outs. 

3. Let it dry. 

Year 3


Toilet Roll Pencil Holder

*Use the materials provided by the school.


1. Design your toilet roll by using the given paper cu-outs.

2. Stick the round cardboard paper under the toilet roll.

3. Let it dry. 

Slogan to go with either Poster Making or DIY Constructed Artwork out of Recyclable Materials

Make something out of scrap materials or recyclable items from home. You can make items like vase, house decor, etc. 

Plastic Bottle Plant Pot
Magazine Bracelet
Cardboard Maze
Paper Basket
Egg Carton Picture Frame
Plastic Bottle Pencil Case
Jewelry Hanger

For Poster Making, here are examples of themes or wordings that you can use as slogan. You can also make  or compose your own theme.

  • It's green day, plant a tree!

  • Save Earth and don't destroy its wonders!

  • Happy Earth Day!

  • A green Earth is a healthy Earth.

  • Save Earth, And Earth will save you.

Please note that this will be a competition for parents and students. The school will choose the best poster or recyclable constructed item/artwork for each year level in each class. 

deadline for submission to the school will be on saturday. 9th of may 2020.