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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

"There shall be establishment in every school a Parent-Teacher Association to be named as the Parent Teacher Association (in these regulations referred to as the PTA)", Education Order 2003.


The PTA is an integral part of our school, playing an active role in building the Joyful Kids Montessori community through fundraising, family events and activities. 

2023 Executive Committee Members


PTA Objectives

  • To represent the view of parents through a proper forum that is by leasing with the executive committee representatives.

  • To establish a forum through which parents can communicate their opinions and concerns regarding the school, to identify issues and possibly work towards a solution.

  • To provide a forum and service for the welfare, development and progress of the students in the school.

  • To raise funds for specific cause, both charitable and educational.

  • To assist in the funding of, after formal request, certain causes, both charitable and educational.

  • To assist in matters relating to the general activities of the school.

  • To foster relationships between teachers, parents and others associated with the school.

  • To keep parents informed about the activities planned for the school.

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