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Parent Participation Programme

JKMS Families are asked to contribute and volunteer time to the school during the academic year. This can be done through helping with our Annual Garage Sales, Telling Stories, Teaching of rhymes and song, presentation on a country, etc. There is no end to opportunities for helping! There will be a parent Participation Program form for each family to complete indicating volunteer interests.

Reading Programme

If you can volunteer on a regular basis to listen to the children to read, please notify the office counter. Those who can volunteer on occasion may schedule a date with the class directress as the opportunity arises. Parent Participation in this reading enrichment program contributes significantly to the children's progress. Children who are reading will bring photocopies of books home to read with their parents. Please ensure that these photocopies are returned promptly so others may use them. 

Work Period Observation

Parents are encouraged to observe a class in session. Observations are usually towards the end of third term. 


Each year JKMS holds fundraising event through the efforts of our Parent-Teacher-Association to solicit donations from local businesses as well as JKMS staff and families. The proceeds from the fundraising are put into the JKMS General Fund to help in any facility needs. 

Community Service 

As part of JKMS mission we strive to assist those in need within our local community. Any suggestion for service projects is always welcomed. 

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