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Red Celebration : Chinese New Year

The school was filled with red lanterns and decorations for another awaited Chinese New Year celebration. Although the weather was not on our favor that day, it didn't stop us to have fun and enjoy ourselves. The kids came to school wearing their beautiful Chinese clothes and some came in their red shirts.

The event started with a short discussion about Chinese New Year which was presented by this year's Chinese New Year Coordinator, Teacher Cathy. She has shown videos and information about the how this festive season being celebrated. Traditions and culture of our Chinese friends were also discussed.

In the later part of the program, selected kids were chosen as Best in Costume. Adam and Isabelle were given the said award for Casa Joy, Khent and Vivien for Casa Love and Leia and Amsyar for Casa Peace. Each class gave their Chinese Dance Presentations as well right after the awarding of the winners.

The kids also brought in food for them to share with their friends during their eating time. The joy in the eyes of our pupils were really evident that they have enjoyed the activity. Each of them were given Ampao with gold chocolate coins before going home.

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