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Joyful Kids Celebrates Book Week

One of the highlights of each year is celebrating our annual Book Week. This year, our theme: "Developing Early Literacy Through Storytelling and Music" sums up our week long activities and was concluded with the children's presentation at Dewan Kuliah last 25th May 2017.

Each class performed their hearts out with great skills and confidence. The presentation started with Casa Love with the poem interpretation of "Twinkle Little Star" and followed by a dance presentation inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Casa Joy presented a poem as well about Colours and Trolls concept of dance with their tie-died shirts and teacher made troll's hair. The succeeding performances from Casa Peace and Casa Kindness showcased their abilities through the story about the Alphabets, Princess in the Tower Dance Interpretation and Song Number of Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

The event was concluded by the Bahasa Melayu Performers particularly from the Year 1 kids of Casa Peace with their adorable Didi and Friends Song and Dance.

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