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A Day with Live Animals

The most anticipated day has arrived for our little montessorians as they are going to see live animals in school. Blue Waters brought 15 animals to showcase for our curious minds. Teacher D or Diony Croc Boy and the team entertained the kids by showing them different reptiles, insects and mammals. The kids enjoyed and were very excited with the experience. Not only that they were able to touch the animals but they have learned a lot too. 

Our kids were so brave as they all were eager to touch and hold these animals. However, some just stayed in their places and spectating from afar as they are afraid. Teacher D also reminded our kids to never touch animals in the wild when they see one as they might be poisonous or they may bite. 

Here are the list of  animals they have shown to our students:

Baby Crocodile

Dog Face Water Snake


Karuk Fish

Ring Neck Pigeon

Guinea Pig




Dubia Roach

Pygmy Mice

Common Tree Newt

Rose Hair Tarantula


River Eel

Big Nose Turtle

The kids were so happy and that they are looking forward for another one soon! 

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