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Book Week : Parents' Involvement

The school is once again grateful for our parents who came and prepared activities for our pupils. This year, 4 parents came to spend some time with our students to play, tell stories, and show how to make exciting stuffs that they can do at home.

Mrs. Suzzy , the mom of Mateen and Sophia (Casa Kindness & Casa Peace) kicked off the Parent's Participation Week with an art and craft activity. She showed afternoon classes how to make Jellyfish with the use of plastic bag and a bottle of water. Teacher Faizah, Mina (Casa Kindness) and Laikha's (Casa Peace) mom, showcased her skills in making play dough with the things we can find at home. Teacher Maita, Jace's (Casa Peace) mom, showed the kids how to create huge bubbles with strings. pipes and a bubble mixture. Also Jeremy's (Casa Love) mom, Ms. Maggie, gave an educational talk to our kids about safety precautions when we are in an airplane. Lastly, Ms. Rachel ~Abigail's (Casa Love) mom, did a parachute activity and story telling with the class.

The kids enjoyed and gained a lot from these activities and time was not enough to suffice their joyous hearts. The school is always happy for the support of the parents, whom every year they come to spend time with our pupils and leave wonderful memories.

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