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Little Gardeners

Kids learn best when engaging all their senses. With gardening, kids can touch and feel the dirt, seeds and flowers, see the vibrant colors and varied sizes of the plants, hear the sound of the vegetable when it is taken from the plant and smell the amazing scents of the flowers. Allowing all the senses to be involved helps kids understand and grasp the concept of gardening along with all the math and scientific concepts that go along with it.

Few weeks ago we kick started Plant Project for this school year. Our students began their planting activity in class with the help of the teachers. They have planted seeds of Gomphrena or Globe Amaranth flowers and Water Spinach. They were given kiddie gardening tools to use for digging small holes on pots of soil and recycled egg cartons with soil. After few days of waiting, their seeds of water spinach became seedlings which are ready to be transferred to our newly built plant shed and plant beds.

With the combined effort of the school's PTA Executive Committee, Mr. Victor Wan Tze Khaw (father of our student, Yan Wu) and Mr. & Mrs. Khoo (parents of Chloe) who sponsored our plant shed, we were able to use it on the final day of the Plant Project. The year 2 and year 3 planted their water spinach seedlings while the year 1 planted spring onions.

The kids liked the experience that they were able to do something big on their own. They will be given also the responsibility to take care of their plants by watering them on the given schedule per class and to visit their plants time to time.

We make sure that they understand the beauty and importance of growing and taking care of plants. As what Maria Montessori have said: "There must be a provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate order, the harmony and beauty of nature."

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